ebeam Technologies participates in the Swiss National Cleanup Day: 09 SEPT 2016

ebeam Technologies, a brand of the COMET Group, will take part in Switzerland’s National Cleanup Day by organizing the cleanup in Flamatt.

09 SEPT 2016, 10:00

Meeting point: the parking lot of COMET AG.  (grill party after!)

Swiss National Cleanup Day, 09 AUG 2016

Swiss National Cleanup Day, 09 AUG 2016

With this action, ebeam Technologies delivers on one of the promises made in our (soon to be published) environmental policy, to take action to combat “The Backfire Effect”.

This is the first corporate environmental policy we have ever seen that even mentions The Backfire Effect. Countless companies are striving to operate with higher energy-efficiency and to produce products which use less energy. Using less energy allows the products to be manufactured and sold at lower cost. This often causes MORE of that product to be produced. If this product does not go into the proper waste-stream at the end of its life, the net result is more trashing of the planet instead of less. This is a serious problem with products such as single-use packaging.

The goal of this cleanup and ALL cleanups is BEHAVIOR CHANGE. As a society, we must ensure that all products end up in the proper waste-stream. On 09 SEPT 2016, you will see 1000’s of people putting trash & litter back into the proper waste stream.
I hope you will be one of them!