Swiss Cleanup, day 1: 14 SEPT 2018

“Trash-Alley” between Kadi & the top of the hill is no longer trashy!

Today is the first day of the Swiss Cleanup. I had planned to participate in the cleanup in Triesen, Liechtenstein, but could not find any info about it. So, I cleaned up a patch of Langenthal. I often walk this stretch of Thunstettenstrasse between Kadi and Schoren. To date, I never brought a big enough bag to make a dent in the trash on both sides of the road. This time, I did. Plus, I got behind the fence on the one side of the road. What a mess that was!

The haul:
Scratched up shins. (Döh! Wear long pants next time, idiot.)
60L bag full within 30 minutes. 25 cans. 20 of them energy drinks. You-know-who made the majority of them. 20+ PET bottles. 15 beer bottles. 10 tiny schnapps bottles. Lots of gooey cigarette boxes. Countless wrappers.

And a bicycle seat. A really nice one actually.

If you haven’t planned to already, it’s not too late!
Just look on the map here:

and show up at the cleanup nearest you. Or just grab a bag and go out for an hour. Every bit helps!#worldcleanup #igsu #letsdoitworld #worldcleanupday #langenthal

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