2675 days in review

This blog and the corresponding FB pages went live 2675 days ago. With only a handful of exceptions, I have pickup up trash every single day; and not just 1 piece per day. Some days, I brought a 17 L trash bag with me can could fill it in under 30 minutes. Then there were the official clean-up days, of course. So how many pieces of trash have I picked up since 14 MAY 2011? OMG. No idea. 100,000?

Step 1 of the 1-2 Sauber Schweiz was easy to accomplish. You just do it.

Step 2… well that was not so easy. Step 2 is “Whenever you see somebody throw trash on the ground, pick it up, hand it back to that person, and say, “Excuse me. You dropped something. I think this is yours.”

The goal was to change behavior. First to show which behavior is to be copied. Second, to point out which behavior is not wanted.

I have always had my eye open hoping to see a litterbug in action. However, in all this time, I have seen only ONE person throw trash on the ground! That poses the question, “WHO THROWS THE TRASH AROUND?!” I don’t have a car, so I am not insulated from my surroundings. I am always out and about on foot or on my bike. Back in 2011, I expected to see litterbugs several times per week. But, no. Only once in 2675 days.

Does anybody have any theories?
Do highly-trained trash-commandos go out at 3am and scatter the stuff?
Does the trash already out there have offspring?

Anyway, I have decided to stop the search. I will just stick with STEP 1: keep on cleaning up.

Please feel free to join me.

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