IT WORKS! 1/10th the trash in 1 year.


Saturday was the Swiss National Cleanup Day. Again, I participated in the Roggwil Cleanup. (For the 2nd year in a row, Langenthal was not so cooperative. :-I )
The volume of trash we had to clean up this year was 1/10th of that we had to clean up last year!

This is consistent with the experience in many other countries. Humans copy behaviors, not info. (That’s why poster campaigns do not change anything.) In order to copy a behavior, people must SEE a behavior. That’s the point.

Behavior change via positive VISIBLE action.

Roggwil has turned the corner on litter.
BRAVO, Roggwil!

Roggwil Cleanup 13sep2014 05Roggwil Cleanup 13sep2014 07 Roggwil Cleanup 13sep2014 15